DonDré Photography | About
In a world of talented artists there are a rare few capable of capturing the raw essence of life – its layers, nuances, secrets and truths. Through the lens, Dondré Trotman succeeds at this, making him one of the coveted few.

An established photographer and NIFCA Award Winner for “Man in the Mirror”, he began his career in the Photography Association of Cave Hill Campus (PHOTACC) where he rose to Assistant Technical Coordinator. Challenged by the responsibilities of the position, where he managed a group of thirty among other duties, this stepping stone moment provided the experiences that allowed his star to shine brighter, and created opportunities to branch into the Industry.

Graduating from UWI Cave Hill Campus with a Bachelor’s (BSc.) in Computer Science, Dondré focused on specialising in Event Photography, Portraiture and Conceptual Photography. Immersed in the local fashion industry, he quickly gained recognition by his work with a variety of Caribbean entrepreneurs, designers and media such as Kadburry Designs, Make Up by Natalia, I am Anne Maria, and Kurama Magazine. Even when juggling multiple projects, he managed to continue his pursuits and interests in pushing the boundaries of the arts by experimenting with various mediums – making him adept at blending genres of photography, such as his conceptual piece, “Faeries.”

Dondré’s signature is in his unique eye for depth and creativity, and in his ability to work “magic” from behind the camera. The relaxed atmosphere he is known for creating is a mere plus. Clients can look forward to an expanding range of services with weddings and maternity shoots included in his growing repertoire. Willing to work with you to achieve the best, he allows persons to bring a fully customised plan or uses your abstract ideas to deliver quality imaging, quality service and an experience to remember.

For exceptional results, use DonDré Photography. To see more of his work, check Flickr and 500px, you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

(Photo by Michael Alexander)